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Important please read first!
This is The Webmaster Tools new digit archive as part of our many free images and animations, in this case most of the digits in this digit archive have been created by other people, some of those original websites have now long since gone but this does not mean the copyright to these individual owners is still not important or valid.

There are also a few outdated archives on the Internet and for some reason time has stood still and the originators are very hard to reach (if at all)? We decided to create a new public archive that everyone could share and as part of this keep it fresh and updated!

Please link back to this site if either the original owner does not exist or the digits are our own, if the original owner contacts us in the future we will link to them so your link is goodwill until that time, if the owner of the digit has a website please ensure you link to their site, as copyright we request only this! That is of course if you use any of these digits.

Legal stuff: These Counter Digits, © where applicable and/or respective owners you can use the Digits on your website absolutely free of charge and that's for commercial or personal WebPages with any counter script and/or service you provide! The only requirement is that you provide a link back to our site somewhere and/or the owner's site on yours in exchange for the Digits; this can be a text link or the use of one of our banners! In some cases the owners may ask you to contact them to let them know where you are using their digits, please do this as a friendly gesture of goodwill! Banners Here

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