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Additional Terms.

This section will include more rules and regulations and guidelines just now in this area; at present you are agreeing to our normal terms and conditions of this site additionally this extension to our normal terms of trading on use and purchase:

Minimum resell price:
when you obtain either from sale or incentive products of a resell nature from this site you shall not resell the item for less than the items Minimum Resell Price this prevents devaluation of the product itself and harms everyone including yourself, you can sell it for more if you wish! If it does not say you can resell it; Don't. This would cause a breach of agreement between us and we will implement the termination procedure below.

Covered By Agreement:
in certain areas a pre made site template is included in the resell package and comes with it, only use this as your site for selling the product if you want and modify it for your own needs, Do Not use any graphics or templates from our sites including this one, this would cause a breach of agreement between us and we will implement the termination procedure below.

Termination of Agreement:
We may call at any time to terminate any agreements between us; this would mainly happen if you breach any of our terms and conditions herein, if we call this procedure you are agreeing to the following.

  • Your account with Globel will be terminated.
  • The right to resell any goods will be terminated.
  • The product will be returned and/or not resold again.
  • Withdraw the right to copyrights including and not limited to the site templates.

The above is in extreme circumstances and is a safeguard against any abuse.

Please watch these agreements at all times, there will be other clauses and agreements put in place to protect us and yourself, you should impose your terms of sale to fall in line with ours and your customers must accent to those terms like yourself with ours at all times.

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