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Registered Unregistered That is the Question?

In Brief?
If you have a paid Account at Globel this entitles you to certain benefits and offers I may make from time to time, when you signed up at Globel you signed up across sites associated with Globel and http://www.webmaster-tool.co.uk is one of those sites and services you can benefit directly from if you have a Registered Account!!

Registered Resell Rights to The item.
Some items contained herein on these pages I have purchased the resell rights to, some items I can offer associated with an item, others I can only sell for the marked price!! but at all times I have always paid a fee to obtain these resell rights to offer them to you, I am bound to an agreement in some cases to sell the items for their perspective marked price and no less.

Help me to help you?
If you come across a page that say's it's cheaper for registered users this means I will offset this fee against this proposed purchase in other words, if you buy the proposed item I will give you your Globel Account absolutely free and put the money you have already paid me for your account presently $5.45 against this purchase! Good Yes.

Why should I do that?
As Said; I am bound by agreement to sell you the item for the listed price, I cannot offer it for free or sell it for any less!! By taking the money from your account and putting it to the purchase of this item I am not breaking any rules, asides you benefit anyway, by getting your Globel Account Absolutely Free!!

You are agreeing the same, when you purchase this product you will not sell it for any less than the full listed price if you resell it, this is part of the terms of purchase.

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